Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bad economy, doom and gloom - it's not the end of the world

There are a lot of depressed people right now. If you are jobless with bills piling up and everything seems hopeless, you are not alone. But, remember life is bigger than all these things. This time shall pass as well like all the other times. Life is too short as it is. Stay positive and continue to enjoy every moment. Talk to people who are positive so you don't keep diving into further negativity. To find a job, get out to as many networking events as you can - you'd be surprised how connecting with other people can lead you to ideas and opportunities. If you have too many bills that are overdue, pick up the phone and talk to your credit card companies to come up with a reasonable plan. Whatever you do, stay positive. Think positive. We all have the power to turn things around. Feel it. Believe it. It'll happen.