Sunday, November 22, 2009

People around you will be gone

As I was walking through the park yesterday, I noticed people walking around and observed them. I was thinking that all of these people will be gone one day. Some sooner. Others later. But, each and every one of us will be gone. So, all the petty things that we fret are not going to mean anything anyway. Same applies to all your friends and family. It's only a matter of time. So, enjoy every moment and appreciate the presence of every one - even people you run into at the parks, in the mall, or on the streets.

People have been happy?

I have been traveling a lot lately to the East coast. In spite of the economy, flight delays, and all the craziness at the airports, I have noticed that people have been very friendly and pleasant. Even the flight attendants. I am not sure why this is the case. May be people are getting tired of feeling depressed and unhappy. But it's good to see that people are resilient and trying to be happy. Life is too short anyway and why create all the unhappiness around you.

Has anyone else noticed this as well?