Sunday, November 7, 2010

What is happiness all about?

It's not the money. It's not how successful you are. It's not what toys you possess. These things can help of course. But, ultimately, happiness comes from inside you. You have to be willing to be happy. Once you have taken that step, then it's the company of your family and friends that would make you feel happy. Then, it's the material things. Most people are so lost in accumulating the material things over everything else that they are rarely happy and when they are happy it's usually short-lived. So, with the Thanksgiving holidays coming up, please try the following:

1. Talk to yourself about being happy. Internalize this thought. If you want to be happy, no one can break through that shield.
2. Always try to be around people with positive vibrations.
3. Enjoy every moment with your friends and family. When you are together enjoy them. Don't fight them. Don't let ego come in the way of your happiness. Remember, don't let anything break through that shield.
4. Enjoy your material things but don't let them come in the way of your happiness. If they make you happy, that's fine but only if they don't come in the way of the most important things in your life.
5. Take a moment every day to close your eyes and reach your own soul. Try to understand the purpose of this life. And, when everything seems to be going horribly wrong, think about the fact that every thing is short lived. Try to focus all your energy on positive outcomes and wait to see the impact.

After you try these things, let me know your thoughts.