Saturday, November 29, 2008

The World Events - Mumbai, India, Thailand

Life has so many twists. My family and I were getting ready to take our trip to India - after 12 years - in a few days and looking forward to it. For some reason things were just not feeling right. And, then the terror strikes in Mumbai, India with close to 200 deaths. We have spent a lot of time watching the events throughout the weekend. You can't help but wonder why are these people doing these terrible things.  Most of the terrorists were young people in their early 20s. Why would they waste their lives like this? Why would they want to kill so many innocent people? There must have been some connection to their Karma in their previous lives that brought them to this point. It's a terrible and tragic event. And, you have to ask - why? 

Thailand is going through some turmoil as well. Why are we going through these strange times with terrorist attacks, economic crisis, unemployment, etc.? Why now? How is the World supposed to evolve from this? These are just a few questions I'll be exploring in the coming days and I invite you all to provide your thoughts as well.