Sunday, December 28, 2008

Meaning of Life

Here's an excerpt from one of the chapters from my book Why? which is now available online at and

Many people believe that life has no meaning, no purpose whatsoever. We live our lives and we die. And, nothing happens. We just cease to exist. Interesting concept. However, it’s basically a defeatist attitude. These people get tired of trying to figure out the purpose of why we are
here. Our brains are not equipped to capture the answers to every question. So, they figure if we can’t think of an answer, the answer must not exist. They don’t try to use out-of-the-box thinking to get the answers-not from the brain but from the soul.

Life is everywhere. There are a lot more animals than human beings. No one knows for sure, but according to some sources, there are more than two million animal species with many more still being discovered. This means that there are trillions of animals living on Earth. If we add other living organisms like plants, trees, and various forms of bacteria, then the number could increase to many more trillions, all living and thriving.

Over 6.6 billion people currently living. Over 100 billion people come and gone. Many more trillions of birds, animals, and other creatures. Without purpose? Think about it.