Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sad story of the circle of life while living

When I read this story of this 52 year old man accused of pouring urine on this father , I was overwhelmed with all kinds of emotions about life. Did that father treat his son so badly as a kid to deserve this? Or is it related to some other karma associated with the father and the son? We don't know the full story. But, it's interesting how when we are young, we are on top of the world and can't do anything wrong. I have seen young and even middle aged people treat their kids, friends, spouse, and parents like crap. They don't ever think of the repercussions. No, there are no legal repercussions. But, there are definitely moral repercussions. That, my friends, is Karma. Karma is not just about paying for your deeds in the next life. It also means you have to pay some of that debt in this life. When you are old and helpless. That's when it might strike. Oh, you Mr. or Ms. arrogant, flying high no-good homo sapien - will you be ready to bear that pain?

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